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Ce.Ri.Col. Colorobbia Research Centre

Ce.Ri.Col. Research Centre is located in the factory of Sovigliana-Vinci, Via Pietramarina 123 and can avail itself of an extensive portfolio of technologically advanced instruments for material analysis and of production and technical assistance facilities.
Since 1999 it has been dedicating to the business diversification on two main lines of research:

  • synthesis, scaling-up and industrialization of nanomaterial

  • glass-ceramic materials and their applications

Ce.Ri.Col. took part in the VI and VII framework programme of the European Community and now is involved  in Horizon 2020. Over the years it has coordinated several national and regional projects in fields of its competence and  namely: Nanomedicine, Coating, Encapsulation, Glass, Ceramics, Cultural heritage, etc. It was and is still involved in “Marie Curie ITN People” educational projects and received researchers from all over the world.
Ce.Ri.Col. belongs to Gruppo Colorobbia, present in the world of ceramics for nearly a century, but has been providing research and chemical analysis services to external companies since ever. The researches performed concern four main areas:

Innovative Materials

  • Nanomaterials

  • Bteeth

  • Coating

  • Catalytic purification

  • Special glasses

Process scale-up

  • Process optimisation

  • Pilot process

  • Production process

  • Application of functional coating


  • Innovative materials

  • Nanomedicine

Marketing & Technical support

  • Marketing of innovative products

  • Consultancy and support to the client

Analytical Division

  • Analysis of materials

  • Environment analysis

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