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Gruppo Colorobbia

Colorobbia Consulting
Integrated technological solutions

Colorobbia Consulting S.r.l. is a corporate of Gruppo Colorobbia specialised in technology services and development of new materials. Its business is pursued through four Divisions, closely integrated among each other, supporting the Group’s companies as well as the external market with a 360-degree service, capable of meeting any requirement in term of research, chemical and chemical-physical analysis, compliance with environmental and safety regulations in force, IT and process plant engineering.

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Glass Engineering & Contracting
The Glass Engineering & Contracting Division of Colorobbia Consulting operates in designing, consulting, technical support, services, also as a contractor, for the construction and commissioning of industrial plants for the glass and glass-ceramic industry, in Italy and abroad.

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CEntro RIcerche COLorobbia is a R&D laboratory specialized in innovative materials, particularly nano materials and special glasses, and in their application in several industrial fields, as  ceramics, glass, stone, metals, atc.

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Environment & Safety
The main goal of the Environment & Safety Division is to apply the regulations in force on safety and environment protection. The  services offered includes strictly formal tasks as well as technical-application assignments and control jobs.

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Information technology and Communications
Since the ‘90s the ICT Department of Colorobbia Consulting has been assisting the Italian companies of the Gruppo Colorobbia and offering IT and telecommunications services, sharing its strategic development plans, while keeping the IT infrastructures appropriate to implement variable requirements.

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